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MARCH 2015

Protect Your Property With Flood Insurance

Vehicle Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

Daytime Running Lights

Industry in Review

Individuals Identified From Four Pieces of Credt Card Information

Global Drop in Smartphone Thefts Following Introduction of Kill Switch

Greatest Classical Violins Not Created by Design but by Accident and Craftsmanship Error

Car Loan Rates Hit Record Lows

What are Antilock Brakes?


IN FOCUS by Matthew Daus

Commissioner's Letter

TLC Announces Medallion Vehicle Retirement Extension

All SHLs' (Street Hail Livery) Roof Lights Must Turn Off Automatically When The Taximeter is Removed

Meter Updates for SHLs and Medallion Taxis

FHV Bases Required to Submit Trip Records for Every Trip Dispatched by Any Base

TLC Begins Accepting Applications for Used Taxi Vehicle Pilot

Cab Riders United Urge Cab Riders to Thank and Tip Drivers 25% For Driving 25 mph or Less

Council Member Ben Kallos Calls for Innovation and Competition in TLC E-Hail Rules

Public Testimony: Council Member Ben Kallos Calls For Innovation & Competition by TLC