Driver Pay Rates

TLC’s driver pay rules establish a minimum per-trip payment standard for all drivers working for High Volume For-Hire Services. For more information visit High Volume For-Hire Service. On this page you will find the current driver pay rates for the minimum payment standard. These rates will be adjusted periodically.


Current rates as of 02/01/2019:


Sector Wide Rates

Non-WAV trips:

  • $1.088 per mile
  • $0.495 per minute

WAV trips:

  • $1.410 per mile
  • $0.495 per minute


Company Specific Rates

The sector-wide utilization rate is applied to all High Volume For-Hire Services unless a company petitions the TLC to use a company specific utilization rate.

Below are the rates specific to individual companies. If the High Volume For-Hire Service is not listed, sector wide pay rates apply.


Non-WAV trips:

  • $0.914 per mile
  • $0.416 per minute

WAV trips:

  • $1.186 per mile
  • $0.416 per minute

Out-of-town trips:

Standard rates apply within city limits. Outside of New York City, these rates apply:

  • $1.262 per mile (non-WAV)
  • $1.636 per mile (WAV)
  • $0.574 per minute


High Volume For-Hire Services

On August 14, 2018, Mayor de Blasio signed Local Law 149 of 2018, which creates a new license category for for-hire transportation services that dispatch more than 10,000 trips per day, referred to as High-Volume For-Hire Services (HVFHS). This two-year license is required in addition to existing Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) licenses for for-hire vehicle bases. Approved rules establish the criteria for obtaining a HVFHS license, which any qualifying business must obtain to begin or continue dispatching trips in New York City.

To obtain an HVFHS license applicants must:

  • Submit a list of bases through which the HVFHS will dispatch trips

  • Pay the licensing fee

  • Submit a business plan, which includes the business’s past and anticipated vehicle count, trip volume, service areas, and compliance with the TLC’s accessibility requirements

  • Submit an analysis of the impact of the business on traffic congestion, local transportation, and noise

  • Provide a description of all deductions it proposes to charge for-hire vehicle owners or drivers as well as estimates of gross hourly earnings of drivers

  • Provide detailed trip and revenue data on an ongoing basis


Frequently Asked Questions


Which companies are required to apply for a High-Volume For-Hire Service (HVFHS) license?

Businesses that currently dispatch or plan to dispatch more than 10,000 FHV trips in New York City per day under a single brand, trade, or operating name via FHV bases must apply for the High-Volume For-Hire Service license.


Is this new license class optional?

This license is required for all companies that meet the eligibility standards in the approved rules and the related local law.


What is the period of licensure?

The HVFHS license is valid for two years from approval.


Does an HVFHS license replace an existing base license? Can the HVFHS license be used in lieu of a base license to dispatch trips?

No. The local law does not remove existing base requirements or change current dispatch requirements. All vehicles dispatched using the HVFHS software must be affiliated to a TLC-licensed base or they cannot be dispatched.

The HVFHS license is required for all businesses who meet the standards set in the law for the number of dispatches done per day. If a HVFHS licensee also owns or operates a base then they are required to maintain their base license in good standing, as well, to continue dispatching TLC-licensed vehicles.

It is a violation of TLC rules to dispatch any trip other than through a TLC-licensed FHV base. This rule applies to all HVFHS licensees.


What kinds of information will TLC require companies to produce to obtain the license?

The general outline of the requirements can be found in the local law and approved rules.

TLC will ask for each applicant’s business plan, an analysis of their environmental and transit impacts on the city, a mitigation plan for negative impacts, and additional data related to fares, driver income, and other aspects of operation.

The TLC application will contain more specifics for each of these components. When the application is available, it will appear on the TLC website with application deadlines provided. TLC will also directly contact businesses that we believe will need to apply for the new HVFHS license.


How much does the license application cost?

The license application costs $380,000 for a two-year license for each High-Volume For-Hire Service application. This fee will not be refunded if the Commission denies the application.


What is the process for HVFHS license renewal?

License renewals take place every two years. A renewing applicant must file a completed application for renewal at least 60 days before the expiration date of the license.


Are there any additional trip record requirements for this license?

Yes. The required trip record information can be found in the approved rules.

Specifications for HVFHS data submission will be posted on the TLC website – both on the HVFHS license webpage and Trip Records webpage – before December 31, 2018. TLC will provide outreach to applicable businesses to ensure the new requirements are understood.