You can now submit your entire new vehicle application ONLINE!

This is the fastest and most convenient way to submit an application. You no longer need to come in person to submit a new vehicle application when using this online service!

Click here,, for a flyer with easy to read instructions in a variety of languages. Also available individually in English, Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and Urdu.

If you cannot submit your vehicle application ONLINE, you will need to schedule an appointment to submit in person. This is for a limited time only.

If you need to affiliate a vehicle to an SHL permit please see “Affiliate a Vehicle to an SHL Permit” on the NYC TLC website.

See “Apply for a Vehicle License Online” on the NYC TLC website to apply online and for more information.


Step 1: Gather all of the below requirements:

  • The name and license number of the Base that you will affiliate your vehicle.
  • The Vehicle information. (VIN, Insurance)
  • Applicant information. (Name, Address that is not a PO Box)
  • A working Email address for TLC to send plate letter, appointment & request information.
  • A valid Social Security number or Earned Income Number. (EIN)
  • Pay any outstanding monies owed to TLC, Parking Violations or have DMV tickets. Your application will not be completed if you have outstanding fines.
  • A Checking Account, Debit Card or Credit Card. If you pay by E-Check, you will not be charged a fee. The City of New York also accepts credit and debit cards and you will be charged a fee of 2.49% of the payment amount. This fee is nonrefundable.

Step 2: Base Affirmation Form.

Your Base must submit a Base Affirmation Form for your vehicle.

Once the form is submitted online, you and your base will receive an email confirming the submission. If you have not received the email confirmation you will not be able to submit the application and must contact your Base.

Step 3: Submit your Application, Payment and Documents Online

When you submit your application online you will need to have the required documents listed in Step 1, to upload them at the time you make your payment.

Step 4: Submit additional Documents via email (if necessary)

You may submit your documents by uploading them at the time you make your payment. If you cannot upload all documents at that time, you may submit additional documents by emailing them to within 45 days of making your payment.

Step 5: DMV Plate Letter will be Emailed.

Once TLC reviews and processes your application a DMV plate letter will be sent to the e-mail address you filed with your online application.

Step 6: Get your DMV “TC” Plates.

Take your plate letter/email to a NYS DMV office to receive your “TC” For-Hire plates and registration.

Step 7: Submit Plate Notification

Once you receive your DMV plates, click here to submit your Plate Notification to TLC. After you have notified TLC of your new plate information, TLC will email you a vehicle inspection appointment.

Step 8: Get your Vehicle Inspected by TLC.

The final step is for your vehicle to pass inspection. Once you pass inspection your vehicle license will be activated.

NOTE: Online applications are valid for forty-five (45) days. If you do not complete all requirements within forty-five (45) days from the date you submit your application to the TLC, your application will be denied.

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