Let’s Ride Together: Professional Drivers and Cycling Advocates Take Group Ride in Brooklyn to Launch Dialogue

In a first event of its kind, NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission organized a bike ride thru the streets of East Williamsburg for some of its for-hire drivers so they could see what it is like to be a bicyclist on the streets of New York City.


Even though the Citibikes riding group selected a route with many protected bike lanes and striped lanes, the route was frequently blocked by trucks, cars and delivery vehicles. During the more industrial parts of the ride cars drove by very quickly. Both bike advocates and drivers had a friendly discussion during and after the ride.

“The bike ride and conversation opened a productive communication channel between cyclists and professional drivers,” said Acting Commissioner Bill Heinzen. “By sharing their street perspective, drivers and cyclist were able to focus on how to safely use the road together and reduce street conflict.”

Below is a link to a short film created about the ride.

What: Cyclists and TLC-licensed drivers took a bike ride together in the Bushwick neighborhood in Brooklyn. The ride facilitated dialogue, potentially diffusing tension between cyclists and professional drivers who share the road daily in New York City, and promoted safely sharing our streets. The trip created an opening for cyclists and drivers to share their perspectives and listen to each other, with a group discussion following the ride at the offices of the Independent Drivers Guild.

Who: For-hire drivers from the Independent Drivers Guild, NYC cyclist advocates from Bike New York, TLC and DOT staff.

When: June 5, 2019 3:00 p.m.

Location (start and end): 456 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, between Knickerbocker and Porter Avenue. The route included a mix of a protected bike lane, a painted bike lane, shared lane markings, and no bike lane.