One World Observatory™

One World Trade Center Building


Positioned on top of the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere, on levels 100, 101, and 102 of the 1,776 foot tall One World Trade Center building, One World Observatory™ provides unique, panoramic views of New York City, its most iconic sites, and surrounding waters.

Upon entry, Guests are greeted in the Global Welcome Center where a large video board features salutations in an array of languages. A dynamically generated world map highlights the hometowns of visitors. All admission is timed ticket entry.

Guests board one of five dedicated elevators to ascend to the 102nd floor in under 60 seconds. Immersive, floor to ceiling LED technology in each cab invites Guests to experience a virtual time lapse that recreates the development of New York City’s skyline from the 1500s to present day.

On the 100th floor of the Observatory, also known as the Discovery Level, Guests experience expansive, 360 degree views in all directions. They take in the iconic sights surrounding waters and panoramic views of the city and beyond.


The Main Observatory also features the Sky Portal. Guests are invited to step onto a 14 foot wide circular disc that delivers an unforgettable view, using real time, high definition footage of the streets below.

One World Observatory™ is located at One World Trade Center in the Northwest corner of the World Trade Center site. It is bordered by West Street to the West, Vesey Street to the North and Liberty Street to the South.