Industry Notice #18-12


August 14, 2018


No new FHV vehicle licenses for one year and WAV license fee changes

On August 14, 2018, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio signed into law changes to local laws governing taxis and for-hire vehicles. Please be aware that two of these changes took effect on August 14, 2018.


New FHV Vehicle Licenses

As of 5:00 PM August 14, 2018, TLC will issue new FHV vehicle licenses only to Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs). This one-year pause does NOT impact current FHV vehicle owners; only applicants for a new FHV vehicle license are impacted. The date and time of the Base Affirmation filed for the vehicle will determine if the one-year pause applies:

  • For Base Affirmations submitted BEFORE 5:00 PM, Tuesday August 14, 2018, the regular FHV vehicle licensing requirements apply. These vehicles are not required to be Wheelchair Accessible.

  • For Base Affirmations submitted ON or AFTER 5:00 PM, Tuesday August 14, 2018, the one-year pause will apply. These vehicles must be Wheelchair Accessible.

  • Bases can submit a Base Affirmation for a new FHV Wav Vehicle license beginning August 23, 2018, following changes the TLC will make as a result of the new law.

Please note, in certain limited circumstances, TLC will issue a new FHV license to a non-accessible vehicle if the driver has a long term lease with the option to purchase the vehicle AND the driver has decided to purchase the vehicle.

This exception will be decided on a case by case basis and drivers will be required to submit documents to TLC demonstrating that they are eligible for this exception. TLC will post this exception process for drivers on the TLC website before August 31, 2018.


WAV License Fee Waiver

Beginning at 12:00 AM, August 14, 2018, the license fee for Yellow Taxicabs and FHV vehicles, including FHVs used with a Green Taxi (SHL) permit, will be waived IF the license is used with a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) on the date the application for a new or renewal license is filed. Specifically, the following fee will be waived if a WAV is used:

  • Yellow Taxicabs: $550 annual license fee

  • FHVs: $275 annual vehicle license fee

All other applicable fees, including vehicle inspection and commercial motor vehicle tax (CMVT) must still be paid.

TLC is currently updating the online licensing system to reflect this change. Until LARS is updated, renewing FHV WAV vehicle licensees must continue to pay the license fee on LARS and TLC will issue a refund.

Beginning on August 23, 2018, WAV vehicle owners will not be charged the license fee on LARS. WAV vehicle owners whose license will not expire before August 23, 2018 are encouraged to wait until August 23,2018 to reapply.

Refunds will be issued for applications for a new or renewal WAV license submitted before 12:00 AM August 14, 2018.